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We Design Indoor Air that is Verifiably Cleaner Than Outdoor Air

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Our Indoor Air Quality optimization process is a match made in heaven. Restaurants utilizing our system experience higher ticket amounts, increased customer satisfaction, and receive marketing support in addition to increased health and safety. 


Our Indoor Air Quality optimization process is perfect for schools. Schools utilizing our process see higher Daily Average Attendance, better learning outcomes and increased health and safety.


Our Indoor Air Quality Optimization Process is perfect for commercial spaces. Businesses that use our process notice happier employees, more productivity, and increased health and safety.

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Air Pattern Analysis

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AirByDesign provides mathematically validated and professionally engineered Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions that lead to our proprietary ABD “Verified Clean Air” designation; ensuring its safe for humans to live, laugh, love and work indoors.

Featured Restaurant

“Restaurant” See how we transformed the air quality in this space. Which resulted in : 

  • 0 COVID-19 Cases
  • 30% Higher Sales
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction