With you step by step, breath by breath.

About Us

Engineering Air since 2019

Your indoor air is not clean.

But you don’t know that.

We do.

AirByDesign’s process differs from others, we are a data driven company. We don’t guess. By utilizing our indoor air quality monitoring Data, advanced 3D scanning techniques, CFD Modelling, and mathematical equations, we fully understand how air flows through a room. This allows us to design future-proofed indoor environments that exceed current standards.

Monitor | Analyze | Engineer | Build


Our Values & Mission

Do Well by Doing Good

Our mission at AirByDesign is to ensure that everyone has access to verifiably safer air in buildings, may that be at work, school, or play. We do well, by focusing on doing good.

Driven by Data

Our strategies and processes revolve around a data first mindset. Our decisions as to air quality are not based on guesswork but rather data we acquire.

Your People are Our People

 We want everyone who enters your building to feel that they are in a verifiably safer space. We monitor the air and programatically work in the background to ensure a high air quality standard.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

We build and design our processes based on future needs, not just for current events. We want to grow with you.