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Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring & Purification


Make the invisible visible, and purify.

AirByDesign and WYND have partnered to bring you the best air quality optimization process in the industry.

 AirByDesign has vetted and approves of WYND’s products.

Their Halo indoor air quality sensor utilizes advanced AI-powered sensors, the WYND Halo measures 16+ pollutants in the air and makes recommendations on how to optimize your IAQ.

In addition to the Halo, WYND produces the Max which is the most powerful purifier in its class Precision turbine engineering meets V-Series HEPA to bring clean air to you. Wynd Max Purifier generates 537 cubic meters of air per hour all while staying quieter than regular conversation.

AirByDesign utilizes the essential to create bubbles of purified air in smaller and more compact spaces. ie. cubicles, restaurant tables.


With 14 sensors, WYND Halo measures 14+ pollutants in the air so that we can take the right course of action.


Precision turbine engineering meets Dual V-series HEPA to bring clean purified air to any space while staying whisper quiet. Wynd Max Purifier generates 537 cubic meters of air per hour. Third-party testing showed that in a 1,000 cubic foot space (10 x 10 ft), WYND Max reduced the H1N1 infection rate to 0% (versus 21% in the control cases).


The Essential creates a bubble of purified air around you by filtering, dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from your personal space. Powerful cleaning in the palm of your hand.