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Our process

Our Process

Air By Design provides scientifically validated and professionally engineered Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions that lead to our proprietary ABD “Clean Air Verified Environments” designation; ensuring it’s safe for humans to live, laugh, love and work indoors.

1. Site Visit


Your path to clean air begins with an ABD assessment and inspection. This allows us to understand what’s currently happening in your indoor air environment. We conduct baseline tests on your air quality by installing indoor air quality monitors, take note of existing HVAC equipment, and 3D scan your space.

2. LiDAR Scan

To get a more accurate picture of your space, we use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), to create a 3D Map of your space. From there we are able to reconstruct, your indoor environment in 3D and run airflow simulations.

Below is an example of one of our 3D scans, feel free to zoom, rotate and move the scan around.

3. CFD Modelling

Using the LiDAR scan, we simulate the airflow in your space to find the best solutions for you. Some signs of poor indoor air quality that we look for are stagnant air pockets, poor filtration, insufficient air mixing and high levels of C02 (Carbon Dioxide).

Take a look at the before and after images below, the before photo shows multiple stagnant air pockets, and insufficient mixing.

3. Recommendations and Monitoring

Based on our Monitoring Data and CFD Modelling, we are able to recommend personalized data driven solutions for your space. Whether that be macro solutions such as HVAC upgrades and/or micro solutions such as increased air filtration through air purifiers. We continue to monitor the air to ensure that our recommendations are working to keep the air you are breathing as clean as possible.



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