With you step by step, breath by breath.

Welcome to our live monitoring!

At the Sea’s Stars Gala, enjoy your dinner and drinks tonight in a safe and healthy indoor

AirByDesign and WYND have partnered to give you and your community the cleanest air possible with the help of Wynd’s indoor air monitoring and purification technology and AirByDesign’s engineered indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions.

Say hello to a full service plan!

We do well by doing good.

We do the work for you:

● Inspections and Assessments
● Procurement and Project management
● Design and Engineering.

See a return on your
investment through:

● Overall energy efficiency and savings.
● Safer conditions attracting more
patrons and workers.

Our equipment is easy to
setup and maintain:

● Our system is easily expandable to more spaces / buildings.
● We provide 24/7 remote monitoring and support.

Unlock optimal indoor air quality through autonomous, smart, healthy, and efficient spaces!

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