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We Design Your Air to Create Safer Spaces


Our board-certified AirByDesign air purifiers use only the latest in air filtration technology to provide customized solutions to improve your building’s indoor air quality. We have designed a product for every indoor environment, and each is equipped with the same comprehensive layers of control.

So, take a deep breath and trust that your building’s occupants are breathing the cleanest, and safest, air possible.

AirByDesign’s Layers of Controls

Our systems are engineered to improve indoor air quality wherever you need. From high density spaces such as offices, classrooms, restaurants. ABD’s designs constantly cycle air through the following layers of protection: HEPA filter, Carbon Filters, UV-C lighting, Photocatalytic Filters, and Plasma. This eliminates viruses, unwanted smells, dust and other contaminants. All of our units utilize the technology below.

Merv 8-11 Filter

MERV11, for filtering particles 3 microns and above.

PhotoCatalytic Filter

This filter can effectively kill bacteria, viruses,
fungi and other microorganisms that are harmful. Filter effectively degrades volitile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and toluene.

UV-C Light

Dual 36W UV-C germicidal lamps further destroy
bacteria and viruses in the air

HEPA Filter


Activated Carbon Filter


PhotoCatalytic Filters


UV-C Lights


MERV-11 Pre Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated Carbon Filter absorbs VOC’s and odors in the air.

Certified HEPA Filtration

A H13 HEPA Filter is up to 99.97% efficient at removing the remaining particulate from the air.

Airflow Controls

We are able to move between 160-1000 cubic feet per minute depending on the model

Industries We Design For




Small Business


What We Offer 

We offer a full line of products for any application. From standalone products to fully integrated HVAC solutions. We care about the air that you breathe. The only way we can ensure that is by engineering and designing your air.


State of the Air Products that use proven technology to ensure your air is safer.

Complete HVAC Retrofits

With our partner, ONEC Air we can also design entire HVAC systems that integrate seemlesly with our products to ensure holistic safe air experience. 

Our Certifications


Our units are CARB Certified. All Air Purifiers sold in California require this certification.  


Indicates that the product was tested and has met the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical products


Our units are UL2998 certified meaning that they do not omit ozone into the air you breathe


Our Products that connect to WIFI are FCC certified. We meet regulated limits for ionizing radiation.

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