With you step by step, breath by breath.

Protecting Tomorrow, Today.

Clean Air Schools

AirByDesign believes in protecting the future of the world today. With partnerships with School Districts, we are monitoring and sanitizing the air to reduce the against airborne infections and improve learning outcomes.

Cleaner air should be a priority

The keys to clean, healthy air are straightforward. We want to bring in fresh outdoor air (to remove and dilute CO2 Levels) , filter all the air (to remove contaminants)and create airflows that mix and dilute any concentrations of pollutants. Each of these processes are well understood and excellent equipment options exist.

The key to consistently clean and healthy air, however, is monitoring! First, we cannot improve what you don’t measure. Proper monitoring of air quality sets baselines for system design and performance characteristics. After deployment, continuous monitoring assures that equipment is functioning, maintenance is appropriate, and any miscellaneous problems are resolved quickly.

Monitoring makes It Real

We believe that we can’t fix anything if we don’t know what’s broken. That’s why we value Air Quality Monitoring, we take the data from our Air Quality sensors to inform you about your air and adjust our machines accordingly to ensure optimal and healthy Air Quality



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