With you step by step, breath by breath.

AirByDesign and WYND have partnered to bring you the best air quality optimization process in the industry.

The National Restaurant Association estimates a loss of $240 billion in sales, and over 2.5 million jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted many businesses, especially restaurants. Remaining restaurants have implemented new air purifying techniques to give their customers and employees peace of mind.

The Perfect Partnership

AirByDesign is committed to you and your community’s health. We understand that restaurants are fundamental. AirByDesign strives to create safer spaces through indoor air quality solutions, which involve a proprietary engineered and layered approach to minimize airborne virus transmission and increase overall building air quality. These layers include 24/7 air quality monitoring, air flow pattern analysis, and HVAC expertise.
WYND’s AI-powered suite of air quality monitors and smart air
purifiers enables people breathe healthier air wherever they go.

The fact is, the world has changed. Customers are now choosing where they dine, vacation, and work based on their new data-driven relationship with indoor air quality.

The AirByDesign | WYND partnership offers innovative, unobtrusive safety measures for businesses to continue to stay open, serve customers and protect staff.

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