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Our Services

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis

We monitor your air 24/7 to ensure the best air quality for your customers, students, and patrons. Our monitoring is easy, if the air within your space become unsatisfactory, high PM, high VOC, high CO2, we will send you an alert and suggestions to improve your air quality. 

    Real Time Air Assessments

    AirByDesign utilizes bleeding edge technology to detect mold spores, viral and bacterial loads in your air in real time. Using this information, we are able to provide recommendations and remediate the issues before your air further damages your building and/or affects your physical health.

    HVAC Upgrades & Building Assessments

    We believe that improving Indoor Air Quality must be holistic. AirByDesign does its best to work with your current equipment to remedy any potential indoor air quality issues, however we may need to upgrade certain HVAC components to create safer spaces.

    Building assessments are as important as monitoring, this allows us to paint a clearer picture of the air within your space. We utilize cutting edge LiDAR technology to help us measure and create an accurate 3D Model of your space. Combined with Air Quality Monitoring, we can recommend solutions to increase comfort, minimize transmission and maximize air quality.