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We are a group the lives and breathes indoor air quality

About Us

AirByDesign is a unique engineering and design group. We are highly focused on data and real results. Our focus is to ensure that all indoor spaces are safe from pollutants and harmful particles. May that be smoke from outside, particles from building materials, and bacteria and viruses. 

Our process differs from other groups in that we a data driven company. We don’t guess. Using advanced 3D scanning techniques CFD Modelling, and mathematical equations we know how the air flows through a room. This allows us to implement a fresh or even better than fresh air environment.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission at AirByDesign is to ensure that everyone has access to safe air in buildings, may that be at work, school, or play.

Driven by Data

Our strategy revolves around a data first mindest. Our decisions as to air quality are not based on guess but rather data we aquire.

Your Users are Our Users

 We want everyone who enters your building to feel that they are in a certified safer space. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

We build and design our units based on what we think are future needs not just for current events. We want to grow with you.

We Believe that Your Experience begins once you take your first breath.